01 Changes of Design, Designer and Audiences

Reading List:
 Nielsen Norman Group, 2016. The Future of Design.
Rosen, J., 2006. The People Formerly Known as the Audience.

As we all know that there are three parts of one design work: designers, design, and audiences. Design plays an important role between these two groups of people. If one of these three factors had developed or changed, then other two will change themselves to adapt.

Thanks to new technology,  massive media have spread various information rapidly, which makes life become more complex. Users or people tend to call them audiences can easily access what they need. Part of them become clients who make detailed requirements for designers, and the rest of them become users who give designers feedbacks and speak for themselves.

In this case, the traditional form of design focusing on creating something superficial or just looks beautiful is not the only method to demonstrate how designers make a better world, and apparently, design needs to adjust itself to help people handle with a mass of information. Thus the new form of design turns into a more human-centered trend by exploring wider fields like psychology, sociology, computer science even anthropology, although it’s true that the old form of design is still working in modern society.

Therefore, designers can be not only specialized in drawing skills but also they are supposed to be design thinkers to find the contradiction point, which means all designers are given the chance to concentrate on social issues and encouraged to further study on everyday life.

Above all, every part of the design process has the opportunity to speak out nowadays. Design, designers, and audiences produce interaction effects with each other and can not be defined as we used to anymore.



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