03 Persona

The UX Review, 2013. Personas –The Beginners Guide
SAURO, J. 2012. 7 Core Ideas About Personas And The User Experience
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  • What is a persona?

A persona is a representation of a particular group that is an example of the type of audiences who would interact with the design project, based on various types of qualitative and quantitative research. It captures a person’s opinions, feelings, motivations, and frustrations.



  • What might be useful to a design team?

Giving the design team a mental model of a particular kind of user, which allows the team maintain the perspective of the users.

Helping a team better meet a real user’s needs and wants, since the team engaged in the users as we said the word empathy.

Keeping designers involved in the product from the very beginning and giving design team a focus with a common understanding.

cost-saving and time-saving.


  • What makes a good persona?

The people and pictures in a persona can be fictional but the details should be factual.

Persona name

Should be presented in 1-2 pages with a composition of qualitative and quantitative research.

A good persona is a narrative that describes a person’s typical day and experiences, skills, attitude, background, environment, and goals. It is not a list of task, duties or responsibilities, it is archetypical users whose goals and characteristics represent the needs of a large group of users.

Vivid descriptions of a user. And descriptions should be evaluated and updated at regular intervals.


  • Criticism

The relationship between data and fiction.
It’s difficult to see the relationship with real users and the way that the data used is collected and analyzed, which prevents designers meeting actual users.

Persona only depicts characteristics although being able to describe actual users.

Focusing on users buy not on including users in the design process.

There is a lack of tools to develop differentiated forms of communication.

Maintaining the persona descriptions is also a challenge.


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