04 Experience Design Techniques

Opening Keynote IXDA 2011, VERPLANK, B. Video.



  • Explanation of how user experience can be broken down into what the user does, thinks and feels.People interact on the world and get feedback from the world, so that experience designers have three questions to answer:
    1)What the user does?
    (What sort of ways affect the world: poke it, manipulate it, sit on it.)2)What the user feels?
    (What sense of the world and what are the sensory qualities that shape media?)3)What the user knows(thinks)?
    (What are the ways that learn and plan)
  • Experience Design Techniques that model this three aspects
    1)Empathy Mapping
    3)User Scenarios
    6)User Experience Mapping(Journey Map)
    Reference: http://practicaluxmethods.com/
  • User Experience Mapping(Journey Map)
    A Journey Map is a visual summary of a Persona’s experience interacting with a brand.
  • Empathy Mapping
    Empathy mapping help designers gain that ‘walk in the user’s shoes’, in other word, Designers can know what the user is thinking, feeling, hearing, saying and things they are doing.

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