06 Affordance

Reading List
Interaction Design Foundation. 2015. Affordances

Interaction Design Foundation. 2011. Affordances.
http://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=NK1Zb_5VxuM

  • Affordances:
    refers to the properties that a product suggests people to do or people can do with it, as Norman(1988) defined–the perceived or actual properties of the thing, primarily those fundamental properties that determine just how the thing could possibly be used.
  • An iPad Affordance:
    It can not only be used to
    Read books/ Looking up References(dictionary, article)
    Take notes as a notebook
    Take pictures/ Recording video
    Draw/ Sketching
    Edit notes/ pictures
    Watch video/  movie
    Listen music/ Podcasts
    Call/ Send Messages/ MakeVideo Call/ Social Media
    Play some games
    Surf the Internet
    Check E-mail/ Calendar / Time
    Set a Alarm
    Store contacts number
    Make orders(food, movie, cloth),
    which is the designed to do.

    But it also allow gestures, in physical, such as pinch and stretch to zoom, swipe from edge as well as tap.

  • Perceived affordance
    of  iPad reveals the physical affordance that allow users to interact with.
    For instance, people know how to type with a fictional keyboard by tap the screen because they’ve already known how to type with real keyboard.



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