07 Review


I always feel frustrated about team work during first six weeks studying in WSA. It took me three weeks to collaborate with other mates, but I still managed to survive, that is a good news. 

Apparently, the course in MA is much different from BA, which allows me to discover more useful information on users, not only do some good-looking design. I believe notice this difference is the first step to begin MA study. However, because of language, it takes me a long time to completely understand what tutor taught us on class. For example, PERSONA, at first I have no idea about how to set up with. As far as I can record, 2 weeks later I started to organize the research I did, I became aware of what information is necessary. Anyway, nearly two mouths past, I’ve already got used to this teaching model.

Concerning what I’ve learnt for now, it can be seen clearly from project 1 that we divide design progress into four parts and collaboration exists in every part and the whole progress is repetitive. By following this design methodology,  I can do some more proper research on my target easily. I disliked the iterancy of design in the past, since it was annoying. But now I think it is the nature of design. Because of iterancy, design product can be more humanized and reasonable.

It is cliché though, empathizing user is quite important. I’m good at observing people, which makes my design focus on users need. A good designer is supposed to understand his users deeply, in this case he could follow the “right” idea and do further design. In addition, All these must depend on primary research as well as secondary research.

I need to write down my own opinions about every blog task in the next studying. Till now, I read a lot materials that tutors give us, but they have not form my own idea yet. What I can do is to put this conceptions or ideas into my work, so that I will gain experiences after practice.

About portfolio website, I am supposed to add more explanations in every progress. I think it is no good to write plenty of texts that audiences might be reluctant to read.

Sometimes I just finished my work in hurry without thinking the layout of my sketchbook.


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