09 Prototype

Reading List

• UX Pin, 2016. What is a Prototype?
• UX Magazine, 2014. What a prototype is (and is not).
• Kara Pernice. 2016. UX Prototypes: Low Fidelity vs. High Fidelity

Weather app for key stage 2, prototype 2

From these three articles, we can summarize the differences between Lofi and Hifi Prototype on the basis of interactivity, precision and representation and evolution, which are also the essential elements of a prototype.

Lofi Prototype
Lofi Prototypes intend to test the behavior of users, or test concept in action. It works best in early stages of design when most of a project is still abstract, so that designers could spend less time to prepare a static prototype, and more time to work on design. If designers found the conception of a product is not good, or they wanted to make changes, they could erase it as soon as possible without worrying about big loss.

Paper Prototype imitates a digital screen. In this stage it can be the easiest static prototype to test without any interaction.
Although from the view of Kara Pernice(2016), Lofi prototype doesn’t include any interactions, simple digital prototype by using Adobe Fireworks or Powerpoint, keynotes can have some limited interactive elements , so that designer can test how the user interacts.(Ux Pin, 2016)

Hifi Prototype
Hifi Prototype is more like the final product than Lofi Prototype providing considerable feedback. It contains nearly all the elements of a product, and is prepared for coding. In this case, designers can test workflow as well as graphical elements without human error.

Digital Prototype with more details can be used as Hifi prototype.
HTLM Prototype require code skill.

Paper Lofi Prototype:


Project 1, needlework road.


The first rough prototype I made for Weather app( for Key stage 2)

Because my precisely-rough wireframe contains a lot of gestures based on information architecture, the first prototype is very simple and aims to test the structure. I tested it with three friends who believed I need to remove some extra functions, because it’s only a weather app. I also found this prototype lack of navigation.


The second Lofi Prototype video.

From this one, I believe the structure is perfect, but the app is a little complicated.
1) Sun and wind pages have a little connection with the weather page.
2) Check-in page tends to encourage pupils to use this app so that they can collect some stickers if they could continuously check in. 


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