04 Important Elements of My Map

The title is the description of a map. I think a good thematic map means that readers don’t need to guess what the author wants to say after viewing the title within a few seconds. In this case, author must know clearly what he wishes to achieve. Besides, since I will make a tactile map based on the texture of the walls in Above bar St and Olge St, the only way to tell readers where are they being to give the North Arrow to avoid misunderstanding. Another important element is to select the right colours to match information. From research, I notice that there are so many different materials with unique colours, which could be a challenge to keep the map tidy. But my intention is to express the sense of touch, not only the colour, and to discover how modern people are surrounded by unusual materials. Colours now play a less prominent role. I’m planning to use grey or lighter colour to present my work.


Photo: An aerial view of Norristown, PA. Aero Service Corporation, 1919.

GIS Geography. (2018). 33 Map Elements to Include in Cartographic Design: A ‘How to’ Guide to Map Making – GIS Geography. [online] Available at: http://gisgeography.com/map-elements-how-to-guide-map-making/ [Accessed 19 Feb. 2018].


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