05 Reflecting :Design Bridge studios

Image from Design Bring: http://www.designbridge.com/work/fortnum-and-mason/

I was shocked when notice the package of Fortnum & Mason biscuits was designed by Design Bridge. I told myself it’s such a great chance to see what a great design company looks like.

I saw the boards of one project in the basement with so many adjustments which showed that designers must discuss serval times during design progress. From their talk,  I understand branding design is not an issue about designing beautiful package, but to create new blood. They managed to give customers a chance to interact with each other via SNS(Snapchat, Instagram), which is another way to promote commercial brand image in modern society. Besides, a designer led us to watch a 3D printer to build a prototype which reminded me of what I’ve learnt from last semester, although we made prototype using cardboard as well as software, that helps not only designers to find the weakness of a product, but also easier to show clients in order to meet their desire.

Personally, I think I’m confident enough when I explain my project to others. I was so worried about showing myself and didn’t have enough courage to discuss with others. But from the talk, I realised that the best way to promote myself is to speak out loudly.

In the future, I will come out as much as possible plans when I face a design, or even be patient to adjust one project again and again; not always tell myself that’s enough. I believe I did well tested my idea in the past.


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