07 Feedback of Interim Exhibition

I agree to change the yellow tracing paper from which cannot read the bottom outline of my map clearly. Besides,  building names or the store names are necessary for my map so the reader can easily figure out where are they. But I don’t think putting all the materials on the same layer is a good idea, since the shape of every piece of my texture material has shown the outline. The outline layer actually plays a role to tell 2D directly information, but the materials lay tells 3D tactile information as well as the projection of each building on the street.

I really appreciate that peers all like my experimental work.  I will keep doing interactive work in the following projects. However, I have to focus on have to convey what I want to tell the audience effectively. For example, the street name and the whole area in this map might lead them a bit confused. The font size needs to be considered more carefully.


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