08 POV & HMW

I choose collaborative consumption as my driver of change, which enables consumers to both “obtain” and “provide”, temporarily or permanently through direct interaction with other consumers or through a platform. From my research till now, I notice that this trend brings some problems.

The travellers need reliable rating/reputation system because it will help them make the decision.


  • How might we encourage the user to communicate with the provider in advance which can help them understand the host deep further?
  • How might we require host describes his/her flat as detailed as possible even can record a video which can reduce misunderstanding?
  • How might we remind the user that core of sharing flat is not making a profit but having a better experience?

People who lead a busy life need an easy and fast way to receive sharing objects because they don’t have extra time to open separate apps.


  • How might we encourage sharing economy platforms happen in the nearest community?
  • How might we encourage providers to provide comprehensive sharing objects?

People who don’t have enough empathy need other people supervision because they might damage belongings or even steal sharing products.


  • How might we make a mark on sharing products so that everyone can tell the difference between sharing and owning?
  • How might we produce durable products?


Dam, R. and Siang, T. (2017). Define and Frame Your Design Challenge by Creating Your Point Of View and Ask “How Might We”. [online] INTERACTION DESIGN FOUNDATION. Available at: https://www.interaction-design.org/literature/article/define-and-frame-your-design-challenge-by-creating-your-point-of-view-and-ask-how-might-we [Accessed 21 Apr. 2018].


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