10 Zine Feedback

  • Describe objectively what happened.
    I did a zine last week to present some interesting questions I found during my research process.
  • Interpret the events.
    I was trying to break the frame of the page, and I think it works well as the feedback shows peers find it creative. Besides, I tried to tell a good story about how safety issue exposed in sharing the economy with a vivid style. And it makes sense.
  • Evaluate.
    From the feedback, I think the story-telling is not good enough since some peoplecannot understand what I am telling. Another problem is I mention my drive of change in the content, not the cover, which makes the audience hard to understand.
  • Plan.
    I learnt that any work needs a story to support, to attract an audience.  And it needs to have a well-organised content with a proper title and explanation of a project.


RMIT University. (n.d.). Reflective Writing in Design. [online] Available at: https://www.dlsweb.rmit.edu.au/slc/studioKnowledgeObject/assets/studio_knowledge_object.pdf


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