12 The Process of Alt Book project

  • Research

This project is based on the research of collaborative consumption and post-digital design.

Lucky, I have many experiences and chances to read various books and attend book fairs and exhibitions.

  • Idea

I organised all the information I gain during last few weeks and divide the contents into 4 parts— using 4 sizes of squares to distinguish the content of this book: the research why chose this topic, some interesting examples, developed insights and research about post-digital print.  Then I sketched a rough framework. I tested this idea by making a prototype.

  • Design & Bind & Paper testing

I designed my pages’ layout in Adobe Illustrator based on another prototype that I’ve already adjusted. After tested several times for the bleed through my own printer using different types of paper, I printed all the pages and started to bind them. I have tried 3 different binding methods.

  • Final Outcomes

All the procedures are prepared for the final outcomes to avoid mistakes. However, the final work is not perfect due to the cutting mistake.



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